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KnightOut - Co-op Brawler Game coming to Windows and Nintendo Switch


KnightOut on Steam
KnightOut on Steam
KnightOut on Nintendo Switch

Coming to Windows and Switch Q3 2018

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  • Build a massive castle
    Raise your Arsenal and build different weapons and defenses
  • Fight to the death in melee combat
  • Play against hordes of orcs and trolls
    Singleplayer or co-op
  • Beat your friends in hectic battles
    Local or online mutliplayer
  • A stylized vibrant art style
    Inspired by miniature sets and stop motion
  • Flashy unlocks
    Unlock new hats, items and profile pictures
  • Unique extended soundtrack
    Live recorded orchestra with music composed by industry legend Mike Raznick

Press & Recongnition

Open Development

KnightOut is being developed live on Twitch.tv

Follow us on twitch for to get notified for upcoming streams.

We would like feedback from our players. The best way to chat directly with us is through our Discord Channel. Let us know your thoughts and help us make this game amazing.

KnightOut is funded through crowdfunding platform Fig. Each month we post a new update about KnightOut. It’s a great way to see what happens behind the scens, we often go in depth about game design, art and music.

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